Monday, January 28, 2013

Starbucks to UK: Kneel before Zod!

When it comes to tax, we know by now that Starbucks only giveth when it wants. That means of course that Starbucks can taketh away.  After David Cameron made some remarks about companies smelling the coffee, Starbucks feels bullied and makes noises about maybe not being quite so generous.

Aw, poor Starbucks! Oh, but don't worry, because when you're Starbucks, you just demand a meeting to set things straight:
Kris Engskov, the multinational’s UK managing director, demanded talks at Downing Street after the Prime Minister said tax-avoiding companies had to “wake up and smell the coffee”.
...“The PM is singling the business out for cheap shots, a company that, it should not be forgotten, has pledged to pay tax now and into the future,” said a source close to the firm.
Can we possibly descend into anything more absurd than this ridiculous status quo?  Well sure, of course we can!
The warning on investment comes amid concern among businesses that Government rhetoric on tax avoidance is hurting their image while their creation of jobs and wealth is not highlighted. 
You see, it is the government's job to produce the proper kind of propaganda on these things.  In sum, what we are now being told by multinationals is:

  1. We will pay tribute when and where and in the amount we wish to, according to the will of our PR department and no one else.
  2. Those upon whom we graciously bestow tribute must grovel in thankfulness and describe us favorably, or we will soon regret our generosity.

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