Monday, January 28, 2013

A handy guide to Davos-speak

From Ryan McCarthy at Reuters:
...What Davos folks mean when they constantly call for a “growth plan” or “restoring growth” is that no one can see any particular industry that’s going to increase the pace at which they get rich. And, as a result, the rest of us will have fewer jobs.
...[Bridgewater hedge fund CEO Ray] Dalio expanded a bit: the big conversation in politics and economics, he said, will be about how to get more out of workers – growth won’t come  from the next Internet, the next real estate boom or any new asset, in other words. This means, he said, hard choices about questions like “How long is a vacation?” or “What is a good life?” 
...what Dalio is saying is particularly dire for the rest of us. When the world’s most successful investors tells you economic growth is going to depend on whether or not you take a vacation, it’s time to worry. 
Emphasis mine. Make no mistake: whenever CEOs call for policies to increase growth, they mean in their own pockets.

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