Monday, January 7, 2013

Corporations are people my friend, carpool lane edition

California man says he can drive in carpool lane with corporation papers

He waved his corporation papers at the officer, he told, saying that corporations are people under California law. 
Frieman doesn't actually support this notion. For more than 10 years, Frieman says he had been trying to get pulled over to get ticketed and to take his argument to court -- to challenge a judge to determine that corporations and people are not the same.
But the first question for the judge will not be whether corporations are people, but whether incorporation documents are corporations.

Did he in fact have a corporation in the car with him? Corporations are ethereal creatures, to be sure. You cannot pin them down with a seat belt. So I'll predict he loses on that technicality. Oh, the irony.

But even if he managed to win (by losing on the grounds he has proposed), I am not sure what that would give him by way of victory--I imagine he's thinking about the symbolic value of the public rejection of the notion of personhood. I imagine that would have been much more satisfying to him if he could have got the citation prior to November 6. But corporations and their propensity to shenanigans are certainly under increased scrutiny in civil society, so I'm not surprised to see this story gaining traction.

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