Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hearings on tax evasion & tax havens in the Canadian parliament tomorrow

Meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance beginning at 8:45 in Room 7-52, 131 Queen Street, featuring a fascinating line-up:

Tax Evasion and the Use of Tax HavensFraude fiscale et le recours aux paradis fiscaux
Canadian Bankers AssociationAssociation des banquiers canadiens
Marion Wrobel, Vice-President
Policy and Operations
Marion Wrobel, vice-président
Politiques et opérations
Darren Hannah, Director
Banking Operations
Darren Hannah, directeur
Opérations bancaires
Canadians for Tax FairnessCanadiens pour une fiscalité équitable
Dennis Howlett, Executive DirectorDennis Howlett, directeur exécutif
Videoconference - Cambridge, United KingdomVidéoconférence - Cambridge, Royaume-Uni
Tax Justice NetworkTax Justice Network
Richard Murphy, DirectorRichard Murphy, directeur
Videoconference - Austin, TexasVidéoconférence - Austin, Texas
As an individualÀ titre personnel
Arthur Cockfield, Professor
Faculty of Law, Queen's University, Fulbright Visiting Chair in Policy Studies, University of Texas

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  1. More news from Reuters:

    FATCA IGA negotiations are going poorly with Canada and China according to the US Treasury. Close to deals with Italy and Spain but no mention of France and Germany.