Thursday, October 11, 2012

RIP Prince Roy, Sealand's Head of State

This is a special shout out to tax policy at UW, fall 2011-slash-international tax spring 2012, you know who you are.  I am sorry to inform you that one of our favorite personalities has just died.  I have not yet found any information on succession: Sealand's wikipedia page has only "the Bates family" listed in the leadership category.  So please do inform me if you have any info about who now reigns over our beloved quasi-sovereign territory.  For other readers, if you don't know about Sealand and why it explains everything you need to know about international tax policy, you really must watch this video:

After which you should remind yourself of the importance of flags in establishing sovereignty:

Goodbye Prince Roy, I am very sorry I never got to meet you.

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