Friday, October 5, 2012

MRU lectures on development

From Marginal Revolution:
At MRUniversity we just released over 30 new videos on leading thinkers on development. We cover Amartya Sen (who gets three), Bela BelassaKarl Polanyi, Adam Smith, Paul Romer, William Easterly
 I'm glad to see Polanyi on the list, and right beside Adam Smith, precisely correct (though in their full listing the two are separated by Schumpeter and Gerschenkron, fair enough.  As to Easterly I am not as enthusiastic but I will watch it anyway.  Also on the list: Krugman, Stiglitz, Ostrom, Rodrik, Acemoglu, Banerjee, Collier, more.  Yes, the list is almost wholly male--only Ostrom, Anne Kreuger and Esther Duflo are included and all three are American (ok, Duflo is also French). Nevertheless it looks like a fascinating series.

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