Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reforming Entity Taxation

Boston College is hosting a conference on Reforming Entity Taxation this Friday; I'll be on the international panel where I'll be giving a paper I've entitled "Who's Got the Power: Dividing the Global Income Tax Base." My theme: reforming entity taxation is purely about the political will of powerful states, perhaps especially the US. It is often repeated that with great power comes great responsibility. I argue that powerful nations have fallen far short on living up to the latter. I take a look back at how the League of Nations started the inquiry into how nations ought to share the global income tax base but ended up answering the question with power instead of principles, and how today's mix of FATCA, BEPS and the Baucus plan demonstrates that we are still doing the same thing today. I'll post a draft soon. Here is the lineup for Friday:

Keynote Speaker: Lee Sheppard (Contributing Editor, Tax Analysts)                            

Reforming Entity Taxation: Corporations

Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama)
Deborah Schenk (NYU)
Dan Shaviro (NYU)
Brian Galle (Boston College) Commentator
Jeremy Scott (Editor in Chief of News, Tax Analysts) Moderator

Reforming Entity Taxation: Partnerships

Karen Burke (Florida)
Andrea Monroe (Temple)
Gregg Polsky (North Carolina)
James Repetti (Boston College) Commentator
Amy Elliott (Contributing Editor, Tax Notes) Moderator

Reforming Entity Taxation: International

Allison Christians (McGill)
Robert Peroni (Texas)
Martin Sullivan (Tax Analysts)
Diane Ring (Boston College) Commentator
Sam Young (Editor Worldwide Tax Daily) Moderator

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