Friday, June 20, 2014

Today at McGill Law: Final Day of Tax Justice and Human Rights Research Collaboration Symposium #TJHR

Today is the third and last action-packed day of  conversation among students, academic researchers, and tax justice advocates and activists on the topic of tax justice and human rights. It has been a fascinating and enlightening experience so far. You can continue to follow the proceedings and make comments on twitter at #TJHR. Program and speaker info here.

Here is the final day's lineup:
08:30 – 09:00
Registration & Arrival Tea/Coffee
09:00 – 10:30
6. Reducing Inequality: Tax Avoidance and Capital Flight
Ofer Sitbon (PhD candidate, College of Law & Business, Tel Aviv), Moderator
James Henry (Senior Economic Advisor, Tax Justice Network),Kleptocracy and Human Rights
Steven Cohen (Professor, Georgetown University Law Center), Does Swiss Bank Secrecy Violate International Human Rights?
Brigitte Alepin (Partner, Agora Fiscalité), The Foundation
Steven Dean (Professor, Brooklyn Law School), A Tax Regime to Catalyze Social Enterprise Crowdfunding
Lee Sheppard (Journalist, Tax Analysts), John Christensen (Director, Tax Justice Network), discussants
Moot Court (room 100)
10:30 – 10:45
Refreshment Break
10:45 – 12:00
7. Reducing Inequality: Tax Avoidance and Progressive Taxation
Neil Buchanan (Professor, George Washington University Law School), moderator
Chris Odinet (Associate Professor of Law, Southern University Law Center), Taxing Property Owners
Jean-Pierre Vidal (Associate Professor, Dept of Accountancy, HEC Montreal), Ethics in Taxation: what is it, and why should a tax specialist care?
Niko Lusiani, (Senior Researcher, Center for Economic and Social Rights), A Post-2015 Fiscal Revolution: Human Rights in the Struggle to Finance Sustainable Development
James Henry (Senior Economic Advisor, Tax Justice Network), Attiya Waris (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Univ. of Nairobi), discussants
Moot Court (room 100)
12:15 – 14:00
Lunch, Keynote Speaker Attiya Waris (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi)
 Thomson House
14:00 – 15:30
8. Justice in Labour and Capital Migration
Samuel Singer (Associate, Stikeman Elliott), Moderator
Aldo Caliari (Director, Rethinking Bretton Woods Project), Unleashing the Potential of Human Rights Standards to Demand Tax Justice
Lynne Latulippe (Professor, University of Sherbrooke), Tax Competition and Paradigm Shift in International Law
Krishen Mehta (Senior Advisor, Tax Justice Network, New York), Can Developing Countries Attract Investment and Still Get a Fair Deal on Tax Justice?
Henry Ordower (Professor, Saint Louis University), Retreat from Progressive Taxation in the Swedish Welfare State: Does Immigration Matter?
John Christensen (Director, Tax Justice Network), Neil Buchanan(Professor, George Washington University Law School), discussants
Moot Court (room 100)
15:30 – 15:45
Refreshment Break
15:45 – 17:00
9. Environmental Tax Justice
Jessica Magonet (BCL/LLB candidate, McGill Faculty of Law), Moderator
Toby Sanger (Senior Economist, Canadian Union of Public Employees), Tax Justice and Climate Change
Tracey Roberts (Visiting Assistant Professor, Seattle University School of Law), Tax – A Better Mechanism to Protect Rights in the Global Commons
- Rodolfo Salassa Boix (Professor, National University of Cordoba),Distribution of Ecological Costs Through Environmental Taxes
Stéphane Dion (MP for Saint Laurent-Cartierville), Jim Henry (Professor, Saint Louis University), discussants
Moot Court (room 100)
17:00 – 18:00
10. Roundtable on Tax Justice Campaigns and CSO Actions
Imad Sabi (Head of Global Partners Program, Oxfam Novib), Moderator
Dennis Howlett (Executive Director, Canadians for Tax Fairness)
Duncan Wigan (Researcher, Copenhagen Business School)
Victoria Harnett (Campaigns & Communications Advisor, Aid & Development Finance at Oxfam International)
Moot Court (room 100)
18:00 – 18:15
Wrap Up and Closing Remarks, Allison Christians (Stikeman Chair in Tax Law, McGill Faculty of Law)
Moot Court (room 100)
18:15 – 20:00
Closing Cocktail


  1. Will the papers be published? If so when and where?

    1. Thanks for your interest: we are in process of obtaining permissions and will post what we can of papers and powerpoints on the website; moreover we are going through our video permissions and will soon have a McGill tax channel on youtube where you can view the presentations for which permission was granted.