Sunday, April 27, 2014

Recent items of interest on citizenship, immigration, and taxation


  1. You've just opened a new door for me with this post. I have been stuck on what to do during my gap year between now and next Sept for my PhD and Fullbright looks like an excellent (albeit highly competitive) opportunity.

    1. It's an interesting subject, May Hen. If you decide to pursue it, keep in touch. Check out all the discussion boards.

  2. Allison, Thank you for the Patrick Weil article and for noting my piece about Saverin and Turner. We can add into the mix here all the stories that are coming out about lower/middle class Americans who have renounced and the picture becomes very muddy indeed. From what I could tell from my last foray into the American homeland, Americans are uneasy (and sometimes very angry) about renunciations of US citizenship but they still don't have a frame into which they can insert, process the information and make sense of it. The "tax evader" meme is the default right now and yet, even there Americans are conflicted. So visceral reactions and feelings about the individual renunciant rule while any serious discussion about the policies behind these renunciations are not on the agenda of the American public or the lawmakers.