Thursday, June 6, 2013

Webcast of McGill Roundtable on Tax Justice-now online

Last week the McGill Faculty of Law hosted a public roundtable on Tax Justice featuring John Christensen, James Henry, Diana Gibson, and Frédéric Zalac. If you missed the live webcast, you can now view the archived version online here.


  1. Your appearance in Norway is online too now.

  2. Interesting article in Embassy magazine.

    This goes along somewhat with what was being discussed at the summit at McGill in terms of Harper and Canada being uncooperative. What I am hearing though from some people in Europe is what David Cameron and the UK is "really" trying to do is sign Canada up for FATCA. To which the response of Ottawa is that FATCA is a bilateral US Canada issue which is basically none of the UK's business or that of the other G8 members especially as all but Russia have basically been lapdogs of the US Treasury Department.