Sunday, December 2, 2012

Links this week

A selection of links posted on twitter this week that were not discussed here, possibly of interest:

On the Fiscal Cliff:
  • Naked capitalism says don't believe the hype, better to go over the fiscal cliff than take the grand bargain being offered 
  • FT seeks tax holiday to bring home corps' $1.5T offshore, because what we need is more tax breaks for apple, google, etc. (Sigh)
  • Krugman: proposed tax hikes would raise 14 times as much as would be saved by raising Medicare age, yet only the latter is deemed "serious" 
Of Reefer and Revenues, and other Canadian tax news
  • B.C marijuana tax could total billions if pot was legalized (CBC)
  • Canada’s budget watchdog takes government to court for refusing to release austerity details (Fin Post)
  • Outrageous: Quebec officials entitled to severance pay with just two years of service, even if they were convicted of crime during office.  
Recent scholarship:
And from around the world:
  • In communist Cuba, the tax man cometh (Reuters)
  • London calling! Dec 8th action in London revealed! Activists will descend on Starbucks flagship stores and transform them into social service centers
  • Border Carbon Adjustments and WTO law (Simon Lester)
  • Zambia Says Tax Avoidance Led by Miners Costs $2 Billion a Year (Bloomberg

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  1. The following paper in the Virginia Law Review is very good on FATCA/FBAR/Worldwide issues. Perhaps the best I have seen. Paul Caron should post it on Tax Prof Blog.

    The fact though it came from a UK law professor may not be helpful. Some strong language too for an academic paper calling the US Model Treaty savings clause obnoxious.