Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration

Taxprof posted news today about a conference at Pepperdine scheduled for January in which I'll be participating with comments on U.S. international tax policy.  Lineup:

Introduction and Welcome
  • Deanell Tacha (Dean, Pepperdine)
  • Chris Bergin (President, Tax Analysts)
Keynote Address:  Michael Graetz (Columbia)
Occupy the Tax Code:  The Buffett Rule, the 1%, and the Fairness/Growth Divide
Moderator:       David Brunori (Tax Analysts)
Papers:            Dorothy Brown (Emory), Francine Lipman (UNLV), Kirk Stark (UCLA) (with Eric Zolt (UCLA))
Commentary:  David Miller (Cadwalader, New York), Bruce Bartlett (New York Times) 
Estate and Gift Tax
Moderator:       Paul Caron (Pepperdine)
Papers:            Ed McCaffery (USC), Grayson McCouch (San Diego), Jim Repetti (BC) (with Paul Caron (Pepperdine))
Commentary:  Joe Thorndike (Tax Analysts)
Luncheon Address:   David Cay Johnston (author/journalist)
Business/International Tax #1
Moderator:       Tom Bost (Pepperdine)
Papers:            Steve Bank (UCLA), Karen Burke (San Diego), Martin Sullivan (Tax Analysts)
Commentary:  Michael Schler (Cravath, New York)
Business/International Tax #2
Moderator:       Khrista McCarden (Pepperdine)
Papers:            Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan), Allison Christians (McGill), Susan Morse (UC-Hastings)
Commentary:  Robert Goulder (Tax Analysts)
Closing Remarks:  What Have We Learned Today?:   David Cay Johnston (author/journalist)


  1. This looks fantastic! Any word on whether there will be video?

  2. I doubt it! Better buy a plane ticket.

  3. What do you think the odds are that they do something akin to the 86 reforms next year or do you think it is more likely they just try to patch things up this year and forget about it afterwards. My opinion is they have to do something drastic but the politics would seem to shift things more towards small ball in all likelihood.

  4. They will patch, for sure. Hard to win the next election unless you (1) give away candy now (tax breaks at Christmas in the form of AMT relief) and (2) save some candy to give away later. Don't expect anything like an 86 reform.

  5. My My isn't Susan Morse of UC Hastings a HUGE supporter of FATCA and FATCA IGA. Wow this will sure be an interesting conference. I think all of her recent papers are about how great FATCA is and other countries should just basically do what Uncle Sam wants.