Thursday, April 19, 2012

Call for papers: Political Economy of Offshore

TJN links to what this very interesting conference, to be held in Linz, Austria in November:  The Political Economy of Offshore Jurisdictions (Die Politische ├ľkonomie von Steuer-und Regulierungsoasen).  From the description:
"Understanding actual capitalism needs an understanding of the domain of the offshore economy, especially of tax havens and regulation-free zones. They are based at offshore jurisdictions which provide mandatory secrecy. An extensive part of the global economy is therefore able to operate in the shadows. 
...The conference will aim to highlight aspects of how offshore jurisdictions function and their impact on the global economy, for example:

  •  Business models and instruments of offshore activities;

  • The significance of the offshore economy for the current crises;
  • The role of economic theories and economists in justifying the offshore economy;
  • The role and structure of user groups and intermediaries and their strategies and tactics;
  • The history of offshore states;
  • The political systems of offshore states;
  • Current regulation discourses with respect to the offshore economy;
  • Consequences of the offshore economy for non-financial companies and different citizens of offshore jurisdictions.
The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers from different fields (such as economists, sociologists, historians and political scientists) to explore neglected aspects of the global offshore economy.
Abstracts are due September 1st, and the conference will be held in English and German.  More info at the link.  

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