Thursday, March 15, 2012

Conference on Tax Transparency-London

From Richard Murphy: International Tax Review's Annual Conference this year (London, May 2) is on the topic of tax transparency, i.e., country by country reporting.  He quotes the program:
"The financial crisis has changed everything. Now governments desperate for revenue are looking to close loopholes and claw back as much money as they can from taxpayers, through settlement or in court. 
Meanwhile, the public mood has turned against avoidance as people take to the street to demand companies pay their fare share of tax. ... 
Tax transparency, country-by-country reporting, information exchange and transfer pricing rules are becoming increasingly important issues for taxpayers to consider in terms of their investors, their reputation and their exposure to risk. The issue will only continue to grow in importance in the coming years and, as such, it will become an increasing concern for companies looking more nervously at their bottom lines.
International Tax Review has decided to place itself ahead of the curve and is inviting taxpayers and advisers to join this crucial debate. 

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