Friday, May 9, 2014

Next Tuesday: Appearance at Parliamentary Committee on Finance to Discuss FATCA

I will appear in front of the Standing Committee on Finance to discuss Canada's undertakings with respect to FATCA as presented in Bill C-31, next Tuesday at 3:30 pm or thereabouts. You can find the information here.

Here are links to the meetings so far in which Bill C-31 has been discussed:

May 1 2014
May 6 2014
May 8 2014
I have not found transcripts to these.

You can read some of the submissions people have made regarding Bill C-31 here. Submissions are limited to five pages. I hope to make a submission soon, as the submission that I made with Prof. Cockfield is too long. But please read it anyway.


  1. Thanks Professor Christians for providing the links to the past meetings minutes. I was unable to download them (my tech support is out of town). I am so happy you have been called upon to participate. Best of luck!

  2. I just watched the May 13th Parliment session. Great job!!! - Well said thanks for standing up and bringing all these issues to the fore!