Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FATCA rising in Canadian Media

The Canadian media has increased its interest in FATCA over the past week or so, with a number of news stories, including television segments. Here are a couple of stories to which I contributed in which I may (or may not) have shed some light on what FATCA looks like from outside the United States:
It is clear that the nerve touched by FATCA is citizenship- or status-based taxation, a concept that remains a mystery and a surprise to many outside America, especially in a country in which a vast majority of the population lives within striking distance of the border and there is a high level of interrelationship, both personal and business. I expect the pressure on status-based taxation to grow exponentially as FATCA actually begins to "smoke out" the world's non-resident Americans when it comes into effect later this year, and more stories like that of Carol Tapanila's family demonstrate the injustice created by legal regimes that apply to individuals based on their legal status alone.


  1. Thank Alison for your latest interview on CTV...It was great. I sure hope all this increase in interest by the media helps stop FATCA. .

  2. Well done Allison. It is lucky for those that really impacted by Citizenship taxation and the burden FATCA puts on those with U.S. connections, that you are the "go to" International tax expert for the coverage in Canada. Keep up the good work!