Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quebec's governance crisis continues: mayor who resigned under fraud charge gets $267K severance

There is something seriously broken in a governance system that produces this result, as reported by  the CBC:
The City of Montreal has confirmed that former mayor Michael Applebaum has received more than $267,000 in severance pay. 
Applebaum resigned from office after being arrested in June on 14 charges including fraud and conspiracy.
City spokesman Gonzalo Nunez said the law governing severance payouts does not take into account the reason for the end of time in office, except in the case of death.
Mr. Applebaum and Mr. Tremblay should both disgorge their severance pay of course, and while they are at it, why not all the pay they have ever received from the taxpayers of Quebec, in restitution for abuse of office. But that's not what the law requires. More evidence that we are experiencing a serious governance crisis in Quebec.

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